We believe that it is more important to give a new country to "small pistol" than to give an 8th band QSO to a "big gun" station. By doing this, we hope to fulfill the demand for a "new one", especially from stations located in Japan and the rest of the Far East.

Bogdan VP2V/SP2FUD, Kazik VP2V/SP6AXW,  Leszek VP2V/SP6CIK, Janusz VP2V/SP9FIH, Robert VP2V/SP9WZS


SP9FIH plans to operate during WPX Contest on 15m SOSB. If you hear him give a point.


Plans are plans but the weather is another story. Tonight storm broke our 80/30m antenna and demaged 40m and 10/15/17m beams. Caribbean Sea waves are close to our other antennas....



Sudden attack

Yesterday evening one bull and two crazy cows attacked our beach weapons. Fortunately Robert had a night swim and he called us for help. Cattle was defended and we still have power to fight pile-ups.



Our weapons

Above you can see some of our weapons. Two of them are not visable on the picture because they are our secret guns. Two operating positions are barefoot and two are 300W.

VP2V/K6TOP visit


From left to right :  SP6CIK  SP2FUD  K6TOP   SP6AXW  SP9WZS  SP9FIH


After visit in our location Kevin wrote an article in QRZ.com:




First steps on Anegada

 Crabs like ropes of our antennas

First two antennas looking towards Europe and Japan

Quick antennas

Our fast antennas are already on Anegada island. We have to follow them. The whole group will go to Berlin airport Monday evening 17th March 2014.


Spring is coming - we are packing

Robert checks with metal detector if some little antenas are coming out of soil in spring time.


Two packed antenas are ready to go.

Attention to JAs

We will try to pay special attention to JA and Asian stations as we know Caribbean Sea is one of the difficoult regions for them. Short and long path routes will be checked on 10m, 12m and 15m bands in proper time to make more contacts. One of our goals is to work as many JA as possible even if the rate will be slow.


When we call "only JA" please other stations QRX - there will be planty of time to work us outside of JA propagation windows.

Azimuth map VP2V

Tickets are booked

We will fly from Berlin to St. Maarten and then by charter flight to Anegada on 18th March 2014. Return will be 1st April 2014 on Fools' Day :-)

Operation on amateur bands should begin about 00.01 UTC 19th March 2014 and finish at 12.00 UTC on 1st April 2014.


WFF - Flamingo Pond

We would like to know if there is any interest in activating a new WFF area - Anegada Bird Sanctuary, Flamingo Pond, close to our QTH on VP2V.

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